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An Efficient Solution for Hospitals

One of the achievements of the Farmed is forming a Modular Operating Room Package (MORP). For the running this operating Room, all the medical standards and equipment used to have the CE mark. This achievement has had the high capacity to export engineering and technical services to East Africa. The progress of the members of manufacturers in this area is very impressive, and now the establishment of export bases is one of the big goals of Farmed. Our manufacturers have the affordable technology and are able to make and deliver components in line with European standards, resulting in reasonable prices. Orthopedic Implants and etc. have scientific value added. In terms of medium and High Tech equipment, our producers have many advantages to exporting. In this section, there is a great deal of scientific value added and technical knowledge equals its counterparts in developed countries and is quite competitive. However, the quality of R & D know-how in Iran is highly investment-intensive and creates a high added value. In the first step, we introduced, design, build and equip one complete operating room in the uniform price package. The idea was so successful that it was now looking to design other medical treatments, including ICU and CCU, dialysis, and so on. All the standards required for the construction of the MORP are carried out by a partnership consisting of the High Technology manufactures.
Modular Operating Room Package (MORP) is an outstanding solution for Hospitals to provide a comfortable and efficient environment for surgical operations.
          Advantages of using a modular operation room system
·         High installation and comfort in run.
·         The ability to use sound insulation, heat and fire protection behind it Impressive and expert design.
·         Possibility to apply changes without.
·         Demolition Lighting feature in the background.
·         Being modular.
·         Possibility to install all necessary.
·         Equipment, such as screens, cabinets, ventilation system ducts and other hospital equipment
·         Easy to clean and resistant to any.
·         Chemicals and hospital detergents.