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The Anesthesia machine Real Screen system view simulates the ventilator screen as if you are in the surgical room working with the real device, from wherever you wish or feel more focused. The graphical lung simulation is also available to monitor


·        Demonstrated battery time under typical operating conditions is 120 + minutes when fully charged.

·        Internal rechargeable sealed lead acid

·        EtCO 2 and Multi Gas Analyzer Monitoring, with user adjustable active alarms

·        10.1 inch high resolution color TFT with Capacitive touch screen and navigation knob

·        Pressure, Flow, Volume vs. Time waveforms plus two spirometry loops

·        Short and easy calibration procedure to ensure the ventilation accuracy

·        Comprehensive data output for networking and interfacing to PEC 19 inch patient care monitoring             system

·        A four second power down delay helps protect against accidental shutdown during a case

·        Quick key to take the ventilator out of standby and start the ventilation with your preset ventilation           parameters

·        Taking screen-shot using USB flash memory

·        Measuring flow at patient’s airway with dual accurate one directional flow sensors.

·        Compact breathing system especially designed for low flow to help provide fast gas kinetics for                 rapid wash in/out


  •  Functional

  •  Volume range: 10 - 1600 ml (Increments of 10 ml)

  • Rate: 4 - 100 bpm

  • I: E Ratio: 1: 0.2 to 1: 8

  • Pressure Limit: 10 to 60 cmH O

  • Inspiratory Pause: 5 - 60 % (Increments of 5 %)

  • Pressure (Pinsp) Range: 4 - 70 cmH O (Increments of 1 cmH O)

  • Electronic Peep: 4 - 20 cmH2 O

  • Support Modes: PSV, SIMV, MMV, PRVC

  • Trigger: 0.7 - 4 L/min (PEEP Referenced)

  • Inspiratory Time: 0.3 - 5 Seconds

  • Minute Volume: 0.5 - 20 Litres

  • Support Pressure: 4 to 70 cmH2o

  • Trigger Window: 60% of Cycle Time

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