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       :​​General Information      ​​​​​​​

  • Full motorized stand and arm

  • Auto positioning in CC, OBL (left & right) and LAT rotation

  • Force and distance digital display with exact control

  • Auto release

  • Local compression

  • Force and distance digital display with exact control

  • Motorized movement with automatic stop

  • Automatic release at the end of exposures

  • Local compressor and optional biopsy paddles

  • Full microprocessor controlled

  • Touch keyboard with LED display

  • Safeties for filament ignition, anode Rotation ,tube head over heating, Overload,over current, over voltage

  • Single phase 220VAC main supply

  • 5KVA rated power

  • Automatic line compensation


Radiographic Stand
Digitally controlled C-arm
65cm focus/film distance
X-Ray Tube
Focal points: 0.1/0.3mm
Rotating anode Molybdenum / Tungsten, 300KHU
Standard 24x30 Detector size
High quality grid
Fiber interspaced
Patient support plate: Carbon fiber
 Flat panel detector
High DQE , high MTF , high contrast
 85µm pixel pitch
10M pixels 
Sensitive area 30X24 Cm 
Radiological features
Parameter accuracy: Kv 1%, mAs 0.5%
Automatic focus selection
Automatic Optimization of Parameters AEC
Programmable memory
Software & Imaging System
DICOM3 output with PACS & RIS/HIS facilities

All DICOM facilities such as DICOM Print,Worklist,Storage and etc.

Image rotation, flip and addable labels
Image storage includes viewer software on USB & DVD
1TB Hard disk with an individual Graphic card
 Medical LCD Monitor

General Medical Equiment