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It provides full-duplex 2-way voice communication between the patients and the staff, but also through connecting to HIS displays the patient’s particulars at bedside on the LCD of its panel at the patient’s console.
It can also initiate 6 emergency codes from the patient’s console and 12 emergency codes from the staff console​​​​​​​

Smart Nurse Call 

The Reporting Nurse Call System adds managerial reporting features to the intercom nurse call system.

Reporting Nurse Call 

Intercome Nurse Call 

Intercom Nurse Call System is a full-duplex 2-way voice communication system effectively used in many related facilities:​​​​​​​

Basic Nurse Call 

The basic low-cost nurse call system with 120-entry queue management capability.

Wireless Nurse Call 

Wireless Nurse Call Systems are an effective device for connecting staff and patients in many related facilities.

Nurse Call System

• Surface or Wall-mounted 7-inch touch LCD.
• LCD equipped patient’s console module to display patient’s particulars.
• RFID staff presence capability.
• HIS integration for access to patient’s particulars.
• Emergency code call integration capability.
• Emergency code call initiation from patient’s console.
• Emergency code call initiation from staff console.
• Digital signage system integration capability.
• Activity statistics reporting access capability.
• 4-state corridor status lamp.
• Non-editable reports for juridical applications.
• Remote PC reporting.
• Staff performance monitoring.
• Full-duplex two-way voice communication.
• Call custom prioritization: Normal, Emergency/Service and Critical.
• Study light, TV and Radio control from patient’s handset.
• Unfinished call display.
• Easy repair and maintenance.​​​​​​​

• Connecting to facility network for remote PC reporting and monitoring capability.
• Access level set-up capability for type and range of reporting.
• Non-Editable Report Log as a reference for outlier tracking jurisdiction.
• Emergency code call integration capability.
• Remote PC live call statistics monitoring Staff performance monitoring.​​​​​​​

• Multi-purpose staff console with many functionalities.
• High-resolution corridor LCD display.
• Full-duplex 2-way voice communication between staff and patients.
• 3-level call prioritization: Normal, Emergency/Service and Critical.
• Call initiation from bed, room, washroom and management center.
• Ward announcement voice paging.
• Direct call from management staff to any particular bed.
• 2-year-long recording of call statistics with reporting features on the staff console.
• Call priority customization as critical for any particular group of beds.
• Code-99 (CPR) initiation dedicated button on staff console.
•12-code initiation capability using the E-code feature on the staff console.
•Using RS-485 protocol for secure data transfer between the Patient’s console & staff Console.
•Multi-purpose patient handset with TV, Radio and study lamp control features.
•Unfinished call monitoring.
• Easy repair and maintenance Easy wiring layout implimentation.​​​​​​​

• Nurse call bed-number only display capability.
• Nurse call room-number only display capability.
• Display of the first 4 calls along with melody alarm.
• Chronological queue management on the first 120 nurse calls in a maximum 240-bed facility.
•Simple and low-cost.​​​​​​​

• The simplest form of NCS with no wiring and no voice communication.
• Chronological display of the first 3 calls.
• User-friendly with no requirements for special training.
• Compatible with Short Range Device (SRD) definition for harmless operation in related facilities.
• Anti-Disinfectant polycarbonate compound modules.
• Back-illuminated buttons for easy finding in darkness.
• Easy repair and maintenance.​​​​​​​