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Nurse Call System

special panel to the radio pagers and mobile handsets of the corresponding personnel in a secure environment without any human/technical error involvement in a fast and secure manner. It also serves as a group summon system by playing a pre-recorded voice message from the speakers in the facility.
This system needs no extra wiring added to the legacy system and uses the existing LAN/WAN network.

• Easy, Fast and secure access to mobile personnel.
• Integration with Nurse Call and Signage system.
• Report Generation Capability.
• Customized Messaging capability for special groups.
• SMS capable for personnel with Mobile phones.
• 2-way radio pager messaging with read proof.

• Visual Code Display Monitors.

• Unlimited Code Assignments Capability.
• Easy Group definition and report acquisition and tracing.
• Diversity in code calling/reception  methods.
• No intermediate operator involved.
• Maximum 3 seconds code transmit delay.
• No radio signal blind spot in the facility due to gateway implementation.
• Low cost due to using the LAN/WAN legacy system.

Emergency Code Call