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Surgical vacuum machine is used for removing surgical fluids, tissue (including particle bones), gases and bodily fluids from the body of the patient during and after surgery. The materials are sucked from the body of the patient to the containers by sterile patient tubes and its outlet pressure level can adjust by a regulator. ArvandA70 works with input AC power and users can use foot switch pedal to turn it on/off.

Maximum Vacuum (sea level): -670 mm Hg (±5%)
Maximum flow: 60LPM (±5%)
Power/ Voltage: 220~240 V AC and 120 W
Pressure indicator: Measurement Parameters Bar/mmHg
Operating Temperature: 5°C to +40°C
Operation Humidity: 30% - 75% RH
Transport/Storage temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Transport/Storage humidity: + to %95
Dimensions: 530 x 590 x 1080 mm
Protection against Electric shock: Type CF (AP) Class I
Safety class (European Class): Class IIa
Degree of protection against ingress (dust or water): IP21
Operation mode: Discontinuous

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