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Surgical lights empower medical professionals to work to the best of their ability. Adding first-rate surgical lights is necessary for an OR, regardless of a hospital’s size.
·        State of art surgical light, designed and manufactured according to highest standards.
·        The optic provides exceptional surgical site illumination.
·        Considerable reduced energy consumption gives cooler light with no heat.
·        Very long life of LEDs, as the result no requirement for bulb change as in other lights.
·        Reflectors effectively resolves shadows to keep the surgical site clearly illuminated while maintaining a large depth of field
·        LEDs do not emit UV or Infrared light waves, helping to keep the OR staff cool even during long cases, and creating more comfortable work environment.
·        Large spot size and depth of field provides a large column of light, decreasing the need to adjust the light during a procedure.
·        Requires very little maintenance and no bulb changes during lifetime due to long lasting LEDs.


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