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​​Washer & Disinfictor​​​​​​​

Wash chamber is constructed of argon-welded 20 Gauge 304 L, stainless-steel(no.4 finish).Chamber inhibits corrosion action of detergent, and is easy to clean, with no enameled surfaces to chip or crack should an object be accidentally dropped in chamber.
Microprocessor control system is equipped with a touch screen customer interface. Control system monitors and controls phase of each programmed cycle.

• Spray arm monitoring
To guarantee Perfect and safe cleaning and disinfection results to rotational speed of the spray arm must be within di-fined limits.

​• Automatic doors
• Load panel control
• Unload panel control​​​​​​​

Forced-Air Drying (electrically heated)
​​​​​​​Drying system provides a faster more complete drying result than natural convection

Ao Value The Ao value of a moist heat disinfection process is the  equivalant time in secends of a temperature of 80°c delivered by that process to the product.(z=10)

Rotary spray arms fixed at the top and bottom of wash chamber, combined with one or more intermediate rotary spray arms between load levels, allow solutions to reach all surfaces to be cleaned.
Doors are automatically operated by electrical cylinders . Doors are made of glass to allow the operator to view the chamber interior with the doors closed.​​​​​​​

General Medical Equiment